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Bobby Eberle was heavily implicated in Gannongate, a huge "Grand Old Party" (Republicans) Pedophile and Male Prostitution Ring. He was "Jeff Gannon's" pimp and GOPUSA boss. He had even been involved in the private visits to the white house.



It was a great Monday evening, September 10, 2001. All of these feelings from the 
night before changed dramatically the following morning as I watched Flight 77 fly 
only a couple hundred feet over my head..


I looked over my left shoulder and saw the aircraft only a couple hundred feet over head. 


The route from where I'm staying to my conference hotel runs right by the Pentagon. 
As we slowly crept along in traffic at about 9:30 AM, we rounded a bend and had the 
Pentagon in our sights -- right in front of us.... This aircraft was angled downward...
as the aircraft passed from behind my left shoulder to in front of me.

He makes no mention of the lightpoles. He makes no mention of Lloyd's cab even though he would allegedly have had to drive past it! How could his friend's view have been blocked but not his? He was allegedly on one of two roads that bend leading towards the Pentagon (with the Pentagon coming into sight):


He claims that he looked over his left shoulder to see the aircraft "a couple of hundred feet overhead".

He could be describing either path but look at the official FDR/Directional damage path:


At the point where the road emerges from underneath the underpass, the aircraft was allegedly 80ft AGL, 0.7 seconds away from Route 27. He isn't describing that at all. He's describing an aircraft "a couple of hundred feet" above ground level, where it could not have hit any light poles.

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