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Clearly describes the plane on the NoC path in three interviews:

His CIT interview is contained here:

"I saw it coming across my windshield but then the passenger side
of the vehicle I had had a clear view of the pentagon. I would say
The Pentagon is at 2 o’clock from me, in my car. So I’m seeing it
come across the windshield and then I’m looking out the passenger
side window and that’s where I see the collision with the pentagon.
There were no trees at that point in the way at all. I did see it impact."

He had a "clear view of the pentagon...looking out the PASSENGER SIDE WINDOW" He also says that "there were no trees at that point in the way at all".

If he's telling the truth, that would narrow his POV down considerably. He was allegedly driving North (the lanes closest to the Pentagon), beyond the trees AND could see the Pentagon through his passenger window, 90º to the right (that is, almost level with the building). Now place him on the road according to his own words:

A joint interview with him and Vin Naranyan can be found here where Naranyan makes the same sort of claims:

Both deny seeing lightpoles being "struck" or Lloyd's cab. They both place themselves in front of the building when the aircraft allegedly appeared IN FRONT of them. Not over their cars or coming from behind, as the SoC path would require. So if they really saw it, they saw it clearly on a NoC flightpath.

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