Niaz Khan

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Im Jahr 2000 informierte der englische Staatsbürger Niaz Khan das FBI, dass er von Al Qaida angeworben und in Pakistan trainiert wurde Passagiermaschinen zu entführen:

“ In March 2000 he was provided with another £5,000 and a British Airways ticket to New York where he was told he would be met at John F Kennedy airport and given instructions.“They said I would live there for a while and meet some other people and we would hijack a plane from JFK and fly it into a building,” he said.“

Khan bestand zwei Lügendetektortests aber das FBI-Hauptquartier bremste die ermittelnden Beamten aus:

„NBC News has learned that Khan passed not one but two FBI polygraphs. A former FBI official says Newark agents believed Khan and tried to aggressively follow every lead in the case, but word came from headquarters saying, “return him to London and forget about it” — which, critics say, is exactly what the FBI did.“

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