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Being a former transport type (60's era) I cannot understand how that plane hit
where it did giving the direction the aircraft was taking at the time.
As most know, the Pentagon lies at the bottom of two hills from the west with the
east side being next to the river at 14th street bridge. One hill is at the Navy
Annex and the other is Arlington Cemetery. The plane came up I-395 also known as
Shirley Hwy. (most likely used as a reference point.)

The plane had been seen making a lazy pattern in the no fly zone over the White House
and US Cap. Why the plane did not hit incoming traffic coming down the river from
the north to Reagan Nat'l. is beyond me. Strangely, no one at the Reagan Tower noticed
the aircraft. Andrews AFB radar should have also picked up the aircraft I would think.

Nevertheless, the aircarft went southwest near Springfield and then veered left over
Arlington and then put the nose down coming over Ft Myer picking off trees and light
poles near the helicopter pad next to building. It was as if he leveled out at the
last minute and put it square into the building. The wings came off as if it went
through an arch way leaving a hole in the side of the building it seems a little larger
than the wide body of the aircraft. The entry point was so clean that the roof
(shown in news photo) fell in on the wreckage.

They are just now getting to the passengers today. The nosewheel I understand is in
the grass near the second ring. Right now it is estimated that it will take two years
to repair the damage. Ironcally, the area had just been remodeled with most of the
area was still blocked off and some offices were empty. I know a young Army Major
who went to a planned staff meeting at 8:30 am sharp. He left his office and attended
the meeting, there was something he needed. He called his friend also a major near
his office on his cell phone.

As they were talking his friend said, My God a plane has just came through near
your office" (which was not part of the new area, but near it). Fire rolled down
the hallway, somehow his friend on the phone ducked down another hallway.
Four of the Major's friends did not make it. Incidently, the fireball also went along
the outside of the building as shown by the blackend side of the building to left of
the impact point. The reason the fire took so long to put out was because the attic
was filled with "horse hair" for insulation put there in 1942 when the building was built.

He wasn't there. He was in his office "8 miles away" when the attack occurred and was relaying what others had told him.

This was deliberately ommitted from his original e-mail by Hoffman and the source he quoted.

Date: 9/14/2001 5:50:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: thovis@mindspring.com (tom hovis)

On this day of prayer I went to the Pentagon and prayed for those Americans that
died at the hands of those evil monsters.

My office is 8 miles from the site. The recovery teams working 18 hour shifts are
just now getting to the body of the aircraft that went right through the outer ring
at full power according to eyewitnesses. Being a former transport type (60's era)
I cannot understand how that plane hit where it did given the direction the aircraft
was taking at the time.

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