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Albert Hemphill claims to have been in an office at the Navy Annex facing the Pentagon. He had been labelled the "best SOC witness" until CIT phoned him:


He is also adamant that he saw an "impact" but he was just as adamant that the aircraft "flew right over the top" of the Navy Annex. He was also adamant that the aircraft flew "closer to Arlington Cemetery". Even when Jeffrey Hill sabotaged CIT's contact with this person, he STILL insisted that the aircraft flew "over the top" of Citgo.

Hill and his friends claimed that it was a "perspective issue" but this is impossible when looked at from an aeriel perspective:


Hemphill's confirmed location:


At what point would the aircraft have appeared to have been over the Citgo gas station along the official path?

He corroborates Boger who was sitting opposite his POV in the heliport.

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