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Kim Flyler, who was six months' pregnant, works for the Department of the Navy
in Springfield, Virginia, as a contractor. That morning she was at the Pentagon
when it was hit. 

"I pulled into the Pentagon parking lot and was trying to sneak into a spot
closer to the building because I was pregnant. The security guard saw I was
pregnant, so he was being nice and he was chatting with me. At that moment
I heard a plane and then a loud cracking noise. We both looked up into the sky
and it hit the building at that instant. It was so loud it still echoes in my
head when I think about it."

"Right before the plane hit the building, you could see the silhouettes of people
in the back two windows. You couldn't see if they were male or female, but you
could tell there was a human being in there. That's what shocked me more than
anything else. I thought I was going into labour and I was holding my stomach
trying to get out of there. I felt guilty because part of me wanted to stay
and help, but I couldn't do it being pregnant."

Hardly credible that she saw "silhouettes of people" through the tiny airpcraft windows. Where exactly was she? Who is she, does she really exist?

What would have been this only crack she could hear?

She heard the plane and caught a glimpse right before the explosion.

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