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"The plane approached the Pentagon about six feet off the ground, clipping
a light pole, a car antenna, a construction trailer and an emergency generator
before slicing into the building," said Lee Evey, the manager of the Pentagon's
ongoing billion-dollar renovation. "The plane penetrated three of the Pentagon's
five rings, but was probably stopped from going farther by hundreds of concrete
columns. The plane peeled back as it entered, leaving pieces of the front of the
plane near the outside of the building and pieces from the rear of the aircraft
farther inside," Evey said. "The floors just above the impact remained intact for
about 35 minutes after the crash, allowing many people in those offices to escape,"
Evey said

Later became:

"Whether you describe it as an explosion or not, people I talk to who were there,
some called it an explosion. Others called it a large fire. I'm not sure. I wasn't
there, sir. It's just a guess on my part." 

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