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Exposed as a liar:

He claims he was on his way to work with his girlfriend when he drove past the Pentagon on 9/11. He claims the plane passed over his car. He claims that the plane got sucked into the building leaving nothing on the outside. He claims it was an American Airlines 757. He claims a piece of plane landed by his car. He claims he stood out by the Pentagon for about 20 minutes.

The question is why was he at the Navy Annex less than 5 minutes after the event and where is his girlfriend?




The photo in which he was captured and exposed was removed by the DOD and was downloaded purely by luck. He doesn't mention the plane's approach nor where his car allegedly was when the plane allegedly "flew over". He isn't to be seen in any of the Ingersol images that were taken of the area minutes after the explosion around the lightpole area. Why was he allowed to keep physical evidence? Again he doesn't mention the lightpoles or Lloyd's cab. Penny Elgas described the plane as flying ahead of her and her testimony places her ahead of the official path entry point on to Route 27:


He doesn't contradict NOC in the slightest.

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