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First some background..

"I could see the windows. I saw the entire plane and then saw it fly right into the Pentagon."

He claims not to have seen the approach. That he heard the aircraft. That he saw it as it passed. His story is told by the man himself here (you need "RealPlayer" to view it - about 5 minutes in):

"Hi, umm, before I show the images I’ll just briefly say, umm, as Carol has just mentioned, 
that I was in front of the Pentagon, stopped in the worse commuter traffic I’d ever experienced, 
before or since, and then heard a very loud plane, it got progressively louder, and it got so loud 
I ducked in my…(laughter)…is anyone out there? (laughs)... I, I ducked in my car it got so loud, 
and I turned to my right and the plane was next to me, umm, at an angle, at just above ground level, 
and I later realized it had knocked down lampposts next to me, and saw it fly into the Pentagon."

The official speed of the aircraft (540-580 mph) and as claimed by the ASCE Report, would have been in his view as he described it for 0.5 seconds!

He claims that he had also ducked in his car. That he didn't see the poles being "struck". More importantly, he claims to have been pacing back and forth over the motorway and didn't see Lloyd england with the alleged 30ft pole sticking out of his car!

The pole he was referring to, caught on camera by him is lightpole 5 (the one on the Pentagon lawn):

Donley's image:

He would have actually been at the point where Robert Turcios specifically describes as the entrance point on to Route 27:

Where the majority of recorded witnesses who drew a flightpath place the aircraft:

That's why it's so important for the witness to see the aircraft in relation to the Annex and the Citgo Gas Station. The entry point on to Route 27 and the path through lightpoles 1 and 2 is a matter of 100 metres. The crux is the path of the aircraft.

Donley seems to be trying to fit what he saw with the official version. But he contradicts the speed, he is on record as having ducked in his car, not to have seen lightpoles being "struck" (or Lloyd's cab), he didn't see the approach, he would have seen a blur, THEN there was the little matter of a massive explosion felt up to 3km away and a 200ft diameter fireball. Oh, and the 30+ photographs given to Gannet that nobody has seen in public.

He doesn't contradict NoC.

Source List: SGYDK

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