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This was an anonymous e-mail (anonymous in that we don't even know if she exists) sent to BBC.

Even so her claim that she saw an "impact" is physically impossible from the scant details she allegedly posted:..

"I work in Washington DC area, and was on my way to work, in my car, sitting on a bridge, 
and saw the plane hit the Pentagon. I am in a complete state of shock."

She was either on 14th St Bridge or Arlington Memorial Bridge headed into DC, either way her back would be to the Pentagon. She probably saw a fireball rising and deduced the "plane hitting the pentagon" after she heard reports of a plane "hitting the Pentagon".

She was driving TOWARDS DC on one of two bridges on either side of the Pentagon on the opposite side of the "impact area".

Use the streetview feature and see what you can see from there. Remember drive towards Washington DC. Impossible. Maybe she saw the fireball AFTER the event but that's it.

No way could she physically witness an "impact". If she exists.

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