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He stood outside his office near the Pentagon on Sept. 11. Turning around expecting to see a 
fighter jet fly over, he saw only a SPLIT-SECOND GLIMPSE of a white commercial airliner streaking 
low toward the building, AND HIM! He did not even have time to duck before it plowed into the side 
of the Pentagon around the corner and about 200 yards from where he stood. Immediately, a ball of 
flame shot up the side of the building, followed by smoke, lots of it.

This is a second hand account (HIM!) and Maurice Bease is directly quoted nowhere. He was allegedly "around the corner" and caught a "glimpse" of the aircraft. According to the media. The media have repeatedly been caught lying or exaggerating witness accounts. Cissell, Penny Elgas, Omar Campo, to name but a few.

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